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14 Sep 2015 - Neo-Fringe WP version 3.2
Now running on Mac OS X Yosemite!
Converted and upgraded code to PHP5.6.11 from 4.4.9.
Upgraded to Mysql 5.6.26 from 5.0.67.
Changed server from Sambar Server 7.0 to Abyss Web Server X1
Numerous improvements and bug fixes.

16 Jul 2012 - Neo-Fringe WP version 3.1
Numerous improvements and bug fixes. Archives page rewritten in blog-style format.

04 Nov 2010
Introduced anonymous comment posting. Added captcha verification for anti-spamming.

17 Aug 2008 - Neo-Fringe WP version 3.0
Entire site rewritten. It took almost a year, but for the most part this is the site you see today. All of the archives and accounts created from this date onwards still exist.

01 Nov 2007
Work first began to rewrite code and database variables from scratch. Again the web site scripts started to look like a patchwork of newer, more efficient, code on top of the old and slower.

20 Jan 2006
Credit point system implemented. I didn't know what to do with these credits, but I wanted to put it in there in case I found a future use for it. To this day, they still don't serve any real purpose.

26 Oct 2005
Added daily "Confucius says" fortune cookie to main page. I had wrote this probably a year earlier, but now it was part of the site.

06 Aug 2005
The domain name officially registered for the site. Before this point you could only access the site using it's IP address. I broke down and paid to register the name.

24 Apr 2005 - Neo-Fringe WP version 2.0
Website name changed back to Neo-Fringe.
Website engine code changed to Neo-Fringe WP v2.0
Decided to drop the name Webpost because another company started to use this name for some software or another they had developed.

09 Mar 2005
Revised Gallery Index for increased speed. Began implementing ways to make the code faster and efficient.

07 Mar 2005
Added User Birthday List to Login and User functions.

12 Feb 2005
Added extra security while increasing speed on Gallery Images, Archive Files, and Links. Really started to look at dummy proofing and making the site more secure from outside attacks.

12 Nov 2004
Added index and search function to Archive, Links, and Quiz-Vote. Pushing the needle.

05 Oct 2004
Archive (Files) function created. Back then, an uploaded file was an "archive". Archive would eventually mean all uploads.

08 Sep 2004
Links function created. Not really popular today, but back then search engines weren't as good at finding the links you wanted.

05 Sep 2004 - Webpost version 2.0
Entire site rewritten. Quiz-Vote renamed Quiz-Poll. There was such a patchwork and inconsistency in my code that it made sense to rewrite everything and incorporate all the new stuff I had learned.

11 Apr 2004
Added index and search function to Gallery. The battle continued.

28 Mar 2004
Added index and search function to Forum. I had to advance my understanding of mySQL to get to this point. It seems incredibly simple now, but back then it was a battle.

25 Nov 2003
Gallery upload function revised. Added GIF image thumbnail support. PHP had taken away GIF support for a while, but it was back.

10 Nov 2003
Moon Phase feature and Calendar feature created with Canadian holiday countdown. Added some fun stuff. Learned a lot about lunar cycles and the calendar.

16 Sep 2003 - Webpost version 1.1
Webpost site version v1.1 officially designated. The site was pretty stable so I dropped the beta designation.

15 Jul 2003
Gallery Images revised to hide source directories. More fixes.

08 Jul 2003
Forum, Gallery, Quiz-Vote, and online counters revised. As I got more familiar with PHP I found myself going back to rewrite code to make it better.

22 Jun 2003
Quiz-Vote function created. Awkward name for something that would eventually become two separate things.

02 May 2003
Emoticons (smilies) feature for message posts introduced. This is old school today, but replacing text emoticons with images wasn't common practice.

27 Apr 2003
Avatars for members introduced. This was starting to become popular on some sites so I added it.

19 Nov 2002
Gallery function created. Up until this point the site was solely text driven. This added the ability to upload and view images.

22 Aug 2002
ThisDay feature created. I transferred this over from a program I wrote in Turbo Pascal years before. I would continue to add and correct entries over the next ten years.

13 Apr 2002
Fake banner ads introduced. Advertising banners were being used on all the larger sites, so I didn't want mine to be left out.

04 Apr 2002 - Webpost version 1.0beta
Site version officially designated. Webpost replaces Neo-Fringe. $h#t just got real!

31 Mar 2002
User Information page created. Continued to advance my understanding of web programming.

15 Nov 2001
Message forum created. It was basically a copy of my BBS message system from 1995 adapted for the web.

13 Nov 2001
Core functions (Profile, Users, Login, and Logoff) revised. It was crude, but it worked.

06 Nov 2001
Webpost as a "web board system" is conceived. User database variables revised. Started to put ideas in motion.

24 Oct 2001
Webpost goes online for the first time. Found under the members page of the Neo-Fringe Web Server. Neo-Fringe was the name of the BBS (bulletin board system) I started back in my 8-bit computer days, so I decided to resurrect the name.

20 Oct 2001
mySQL database server installed. Realizing the necessity of using a database, mySQL was available to the public at no cost.

11 Oct 2001
First PHP server side script page successfully generated. Checking out other server-side scripting languages, I found PHP the easiest to learn.

05 Oct 2001
First ASP server side script page successfully generated. Bought an ASP programming book because a friend recommended it, but didn't like that it was owned by Microsoft.

07 Aug 2001
"Appleseed@Home" website revised and moved to members page of Neo-Fringe web server. Soon after this the @Home webspace went down permanently.

13 Nov 2000
Sambar web server installed. "Neo-Fringe Web Server" launched. I searched for a freeware server that did everything I wanted and stuck with it for almost 15 yeqrs.

27 May 1999
My first website "Appleseed@Home" was created on now defunct @Home webspace. This was my first attempt at writing HTML for a web page.

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