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What Are Biorhythms?

A biorhythm (or biological rhythm) is a hypothetical cyclic pattern of alterations in physiology, emotions, and intellect. The theory of biorhythms claims one's lifecycle is affected by rhythmic cycles and makes approximate predictions of cycles of physical, mental and emotional characteristics. A rhythm or a cycle is a characteristic that is periodically repeated in a predictable and measurable way.

How Are They Calculated?

The theory's basis lies in cycles that are represented as a symmetrical or asymmetrical waveforms. The most commonly used form is the sinusoidal waveform. This is said to be a graphical approximate representation of the bioelectric activity. The cycle flow of bioelectric activity undergoes periodic reverses in direction. A waveform is just a visual representation of the cycle's forecast. Each cycle oscillates between a positive phase (0%..100%) and a negative phase (-100%..0%), during which bioelectric activity strengthens and weakens.

Because Biorhythms are dependant on a sinus-curve starting from the day you were born, your score is dependant upon your age and the curve cycle length both of which are measured in days. Each rhythm has it own cycle:

23-Day Cycle For Physical*
28-Day Cycle For Emotional*
33-Day Cycle For Intellectual*
53-Day Cycle for Spiritual
48-Day Cycle for Awareness
43-Day Cycle for Aesthetic
38-Day Cycle for Intuition

* Primary curves.

What Do They Mean?

At birth all biorhythms start a zero and move up and flow with their particular rhythm throughout life. On days when your lines cross the middle (0%) are the most critical days. This is when you are most vulnerable to accidents, bad decisions, and emotional swings. Some people believe you should stay in bed all day when all three are crossing the mid line on the same day. Being below the main line is like recharging your batteries. Things still work but on a lower scale. When all three lines are at the very top you are at your "A" game.

A Detailed Explanation of Primary Rhythms

Physical Cycle: This biorhythm plays a role in the regulation of our physical strength, energy, endurance, sex drive, confidence, ambition, resistance to and recovery from illness, and efficiency with which the body uses calories. It is often the dominant cycle in men.
  1. High: Your physical condition is in a charged state and is discharging. Physical work is easier. You feel more vigorous and have more vitality. Your endurance level is higher. This would be best days to have elective surgery.
  2. Low:You are in a recuperative recharging state and may tire more easily. This period is conducive to recuperation. Some athletes, depending on the state of other cycles and factors may have a slump during this time. Although, a well trained athlete that has not over prepared could succeed at this time. This is not a "bad" time. In fact it can be a good time to practice routine physical activities and "recuperate."
  3. Critical: You may be more prone to misjudge your physical energy or endurance while switching from one phase to the other.
Emotional Cycle: This cycle is associated with the ups and downs of emotions, nervous actions and reactions, sensibilities, sensitivities, creativity, affections, depression and the unconscious mind. Early researchers called this cycle the 'Sensitivity' cycle, and it has traditionally been observed as the dominant cycle in women and creative people such as musicians, dancers, writers and artists.
  1. High: You are more inclined towards optimism and cheerfulnes. Creativity, feelings, love and cooperation are favorably influenced.
  2. Low: Your emotions are in a recuperative state. You are more inclined to be irritable and negative. The relative high and low of these two phases is definitely influenced by your general temperament. An excitable person will have a wider swing than a more sedate or calm person.
  3. Critical: Insurance and industrial statistician in the US and abroad have noticed a higher percentage of self caused accidents on these days. Drivers and other people needing to react quickly with sound judgment should be cautious on these days.
Intellectual Cycle: This cycle governs intelligence, memory, mental alertness, logical thinking, intellectual reactions and intellectual ambitions (plotting and scheming). When this cycle is low intuition (the subconscious mind) takes precedence over the intellect.
  1. High: You are more capable of absorbing new ideas and can think more clearly. Mental responses are more spontaneous and memory functions well. This is a good time for creative thought and studying new ideas.
  2. Low: Your capacity to think may be reduced. This may be a better time to rehearse and review known concepts. Practice of things known will facilitate storage into the mind and the sub-conscious.
  3. Critical: On these days you should put off making important decisions. If you must then think through your decision very clearly in advance.
Critical Days

Critical days have been described as "full of danger and difficulty." They are days of flux and high instability. These are not days to fear, but to perhaps be on guard. Critical days are not days when an accident will occur, but are a time when you will be more accident prone. Just knowing that this is the case can prevent the accident or error.

In Conclusion

We all have experienced days of joy and days of depression. For some unknown reason our dispositions can and do change. Biorhythm cycles can be used to explain some of this. The rise and fall of these cycles are relative levels, not absolute. You can not predict the future with biorhythms, but you can give yourself the advantage of informed judgement. With practice, your biorhythm cycles will help you to understand your day to day ups and downs and to prepare for them. Although there is no scientific evidence to clearly support Biorhythm Theory, I suggest you have fun with it and test it for yourself!

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