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Neo-Fringe is an internet forum or message board based in Canada where users can explore interactive web archives or create their own to share.

This site was first created as a simple web board where friends could post and read messages in a private and more personal forum. To accomplish this, dynamic web pages were generated utilizing PHP server-side scripting tied into a mySQL database and run under the Sambar web server. Neo-Fringe is a part-time project that has continued to evolve into something bigger. Members can now create their own areas to share, not only messages, but also images, files, links, polls, and quizzes.

Now get ready to explore an assortment of interactive web archives or start your own to share with the world!

computersThe Author

With no formal education in computers, programming is a hobby of mine. My fascination with programming started at a early age when I received my first computer, a Commodore Vic-20 with a 3k RAM expander. I spent hours typing in programs from magazines only to spend twice as many hours debugging them. I quickly learned BASIC and started to write my own programs.

Later, I moved to an Apple //c computer with a 1200 baud modem, and created a Bulletin Board System which I called "Minibaud BBS". Afterwards I purchased a 386SX and coded a PC version of Minibaud in Turbo Pascal with online games and echomail capability.

Now, years later, I have re-discovered programming in the form of HTML, PHP and Javascript. When time permits I work on Neo-Fringe just for fun.


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