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Mon, Sep 14th 2015 @ 10:29:26pm
We're back!
Message posted in Ground Zero by Appleseed

After upgrading to Windows 10, I immediately realized that the web server would not work. After a couple of days of failed attempts to get it back up I threw in the towel. I was frustrated, but this was the perfect impetus to give Neo-Fringe a long overdue upgrade. Sambar, the same web server Neo-Fringe has used for almost 15 years, was discontinued 8 years ago. The source code was still in PHP4 and the MySQL data base dated back to 2009. After a one month hiatus, and a lot of code fixing, Neo-Fringe is back! It's sporting the latest versions of PHP5, MySQL, and running on a whole new web server called Abyss. Even more surprising, it's operating entirely on an Apple Mac Mini with OS X.

Please note that new registration and lost password retrieval are offline while some kinks are worked out. roll

Not Rated | 956 views | Updated 1y 344d 4h 8m 6s ago
Wed, Mar 13th 2013 @ 8:50:34pm
Network Upgrade
Message posted in Ground Zero by Appleseed

The network has been upgraded. Neo-Fringe is now at least 2x faster than before.

Not Rated | 3085 views | 2 comments | Updated 3y 137d 10h 57m 8s ago
Wed, Dec 12th 2012 @ 11:09:44pm
Message posted in The Midnight Cafe by Appleseed

Screenshot 1  

Today is the century's last sequential date where day, month and year will be the same number. Newspapers all over the world have been reporting about this auspicious date. It seems to carry a wide-range of significance from being considered lucky to doomsdayers marking it as the end of the world. Numerologists and astrologists weren't the only ones getting excited; apparently couples were flooding registration offices to get their marriage certificates dated 12/12/12.

Seeing as it will be another 88 years before all three numericals in the date will be the same, almost every person living today will be gone. I wonder how the people in the 22nd century will react. My guess is some people will find it lucky, others will mark it the end of the world, marriage certificates will see a significant increase while numerologists and astrologists get all excited about it's significance. I'm thinking newspapers will be about as common as scrolls and stone tablets.

Not Rated | 2930 views | 1 screenshot | Updated 4y 254d 2h 27m 48s ago
Mon, Jul 16th 2012 @ 10:10:31pm
Neo-Fringe v3.1
Message posted in Ground Zero by Appleseed

goldcup Neo-Fringe WP v3.1 has been officially released!

Upgrades include:
nview.php numerous improvements including better message text box, screenshot editing, and media player interface.
narchives.php rewritten with blog-style look.
thumbnails and avatars resized with better image quality.

Over 40,000 hits! flag

Not Rated | 1937 views | Updated 5y 38d 4h 27m 1s ago
Wed, Jan 18th 2012 @ 4:14:17pm
SOPA/PIPA Blackout
Message posted in Ground Zero by Appleseed

Neo-Fringe supports Wikipedia and other sites world-wide in their blackout to protest and bring awareness about how dangerous PIPA and SOPA really are to the internet we know and the freedom we enjoy.

Not Rated | 100% Approval | 1828 views | Updated 5y 218d 9h 23m 15s ago
Sat, Apr 9th 2011 @ 4:24:31pm
Updates to the site
Message posted in Ground Zero by Appleseed

While membership has it's priveleges, Anonymous users are welcome. Anonymous users can now answer quizzes and vote in the polls!

Also fixed the captcha spam filter that was preventing Anonymous users from posting comments and new members from registering.

Not Rated | 48% Approval | 2121 views | Updated 6y 137d 10h 13m 1s ago
Sun, Nov 21st 2010 @ 8:09:41pm
Mail Error
Message posted in Ground Zero by Appleseed

Sorry folks! A bug in the mailer for the members weekly update resulted in people receiving 60 emails from the site. One email for every minute between 2 and 3 am was sent. The problem has been corrected. If you want to opt out of the mailer, you can uncheck the box when you go into edit your account.

Not Rated | 49% Approval | 2062 views | Updated 6y 276d 5h 27m 51s ago
Sun, Sep 12th 2010 @ 4:36:54pm
From The Control Room
Message posted in Ground Zero by Appleseed

Screenshot 1  

flag Neo-Fringe is now at 14,000 hits with over 2,300 archives. We have continued to improve the site with fixes and revisions over the last year.

Not Rated | 66% Approval | 2614 views | 1 screenshot | Updated 6y 346d 10h 38s ago
Thu, Nov 26th 2009 @ 4:57:43pm
This woman claims she knows you
It's small...
Image posted in Humour Pics by Shecky

This woman claims she knows you
 File: this_woman_claims_she_knows_you.jpg  Full Size: 27.9 KB, 360x485

Hundreds and hundreds of funny pictures on this site. Check 'em out people! BTW, this woman says she knows you. smile

Not Rated | 10% Approval | 2689 views | 5 comments | Updated 5y 345d 11h 46m 39s ago
Tue, Aug 18th 2009 @ 8:54:34pm
Message posted in Ground Zero by Appleseed

It has been one year since Neo-Fringe v3.0 was launched! Thanks to a recent computer upgrade the site is running even better than ever. My internet provider is also boasting a speed increase which should allow the pages to load a little faster as well.

Not Rated | 42% Approval | 1035 views | Updated 8y 5d 5h 42m 58s ago
Sat, Jun 20th 2009 @ 1:17:15am
What's New
Message posted in Ground Zero by Appleseed

There have been numerous modifications to the website. The coolest additions are the ability to view Torrent information and Zip file content. Also integrated a media player to view flv, mp3, and mp4 files.

The site has been running for over 300 days without any problems.

Not Rated | 39% Approval | 1108 views | Updated 8y 65d 1h 20m 17s ago
Sat, Nov 22nd 2008 @ 5:33:48pm
99 days later
Message posted in Ground Zero by Appleseed

Its been over 3 months since the relaunch of the site. So far there are no signs of trouble. If you do discover any problems, let me know. This site will continue to evolve from your honest input and support.

People often ask me, what is the purpose of this web site? The answer is its the official home and testing ground of the Neo-Fringe web board system which is a social networking website. I use it to advance my understanding of PHP, Javascript, and mySQL by continually adding to and updating the source code that drives this site. I don't use it as my personal blog or myspace, but to others it can be these things. As a member, you upload files, messages, images, links, polls, and quizzes to share with others. In turn you can view and interact with other people's files, images, links, messages, polls, and quizzes. Whether you use it to share your favourite music, post a funny picture, quiz people on 1980s movies, or engage in a discussion about the origin of the universe is up to you.

This is the only web board of its kind. The more people that use it, the better it will become. You can't build a better car, if no one drives it. The same applies to this site. Thanks for your support.

Not Rated | 67% Approval | 1427 views | Updated 8y 274d 8h 3m 44s ago
Fri, Aug 22nd 2008 @ 9:36:31pm
Homepage Additions
Message posted in Ground Zero by Appleseed

Four new additions to the homepage!

* SimpleLuna to show the current phase of the moon.
* SimpleCalendar which displays this month's calendar with a holiday event countdown.
* ThisDay showing a what happened on this day in history.
* Fortune with a daily fortune cookie with a "confucius says" proverb.

Not Rated | 62% Approval | 2062 views | 1 comment | Updated 8y 361d 10h 48m 35s ago
Sun, Aug 17th 2008 @ 3:33:39pm
Third time is a charm
Message posted in Ground Zero by Appleseed

Welcome to the Neo-Fringe web board. This is now the third time I have written the code from scratch, but I believe I've finally got it right. This site is for sharing messages, images, files, links, polls, and quizzes with other people. Simply create a member account, add an area off your profile, and start posting in that area. You can restrict who can view the content by choosing a category similiar to the ESRB ratings you find on entertainment software.

Lots of exciting things to come. So start posting and enjoy!

Not Rated | 52% Approval | 1721 views | Updated 9y 6d 11h 3m 53s ago

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